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   North American Outdoor Safety Education Foundation  - NAOSEF  is a group of concerned and dedicated individuals who decided to begin working together within the framework of the existing system to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths among individuals operating All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs).

   We believe that it should be mandatory that the manufacturers and suppliers of ATVs and UTVs begin addressing the serious danger of riding an ATV or UTV. We believe the general public should be armed with the facts when buying an ATV or UTV, as to the number of deaths and serious injures related to ATV and UTV accidents. We will provide a combination of information, training and resources so that individuals can protect themselves and make informed decisions about ATV/UTV selection and operation.

   Manufacturers and suppliers of ATVs and UTVs has failed to provide a product that is safe for the consumer to ride, the overall death and injury rates continue to rise each and every year. It is our contention that this rise in deaths and injuries is due in large part to unsafe product and a lack of skill and knowledge on behalf of the operator. Additionally, current legislation suggesting and, in some states, requiring written education, are falling desperately short of providing what we believe is crucial to safe operation…safety product for ATVs and UTVs that work and hands on training!

Our overall goal is to work with Federal Legislators in an effort to require that all purchasers of ATVs/UTVs be required to attend classes which provide approved hands on education. Beyond our belief that no amount or level of written and/or on-line education can substitute for hands on training…we also agree that no amount of training, hands on or otherwise, will take the place of a properly designed and utilized mechanical system. It is our intention to provide financial and educational support to individuals who wish to upgrade their current ATV/UTV and/or recommend manufacturers who retail ATVs/UTVs already outfitted with an approved mechanical system. Through our public education efforts and safety training programs we are working together to raise every individual's awareness of the need for adequate, common sense safety standards, and for the enforcement of all current ATV/UTV laws.



Jerry Johnson, a man of vision, a man who has been an entrepreneur since he was old enough to understand what that word meant.

Jerry's love for the outdoors, and the wild things in nature inspired him as a child. Growing up in Ohio, Jerry would dream about the west and the magic it held for him. Jerry joined the US Marine Corp and was shipped to the west coast for training. Here he still resides, loving it!

Jerry's overall background is very unique. He has been self-employed for over forty years. Applying for several patents, with some being issued in wood products and the sporting goods industry. Now Jerry has been issued a patent in the ATV industry, the PRO-TEC ATV SAFETY SYSTEM. The patent has been granted and issued in both the U.S. and Canada. A new patent was filed "THE JOHNSON ATV SAFETY BAR", patent pending. Jerry designed and built sawmills and plywood plants for many years, employing up to 150 men and women at one time. Jerry designed the first compound archery bow with a recurve bow limb...that company was Golden Eagle Archery, founded by Jerry. Golden Eagle Archery was sold to the multibillion dollar sporting goods giant - the Coleman Corporation.

Over the years Jerry has designed and built many useful products, and has the talent to visualize what a product should look like in 3-D. Jerry understands the importance, regarding what a product should look like / cosmetics, while maintaining a strong efficient design.

Jerry possesses a broad range of design and fabrication skills and will be important in regards to the future of the SOS brand products.

The above somewhat describes what Jerry is like.



Nadia Johnson is a woman of many talents. Educated in her homeland of Moscow, Russia, Nadia graduated in 1975 "TOP TEN" in class, as a Spacecraft Engineer. While working for the Russian Government, Nadia was sent back to college in 1981 to earn a degree in the patent field, graduating at the "TOP" of her class in 1983.

Nadia worked in her profession for the Russian Government Space Program for over 20 years before coming to America. Nadia was the head engineer and supervised eleven engineers and eight technicians. Nadia's performed her duties at the Geophysics Experimental Department and Bauman Technical University. Nadia filed and received over 350 patents while working for the Russian Government.

Nadia has many hobbies including playing the piano and singing. Nadia took classic piano lessons for seven years and enjoys it very much. She also enjoys oil painting, and everything to do with nature.

Nadia has a clear understanding of the need for the PRO-TEC ATV SAFETY SYSTEM. Nadia prepared, filed and received patents relating to the PRO-TEC ATV SAFETY SYSTEM.

If you were to ask Nadia what she thinks of the PRO-TEC ATV SAFETY SYSTEM, she would say: “Why has this not been done before? Why has it taken so long? Why must the children, Mothers and Fathers keep dying? We must never stop! We must get it done!



Bruce_WrightMr. Wright has over 35 years of experience in utility field operations. He gained much of his extensive managerial experience with PacifiCorp where he served as General Business Manager and Operations Manager. He currently holds the Director of business development position for Anderson & Wood Construction; a major contractor for the construction of high power transmission lines and electrical substations. Mr. Wright is the state chairman for the Idaho Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). ESGR is part of the Department of Defense, United States of America. His leadership, management and supervisory skills have been used as far back as 1969 where he served honorably for the National Guard as well as the US Army. He has served on many boards of national organizations. Mr. Wright has owned and operated numerous businesses over the years and continues to stay involved today with some of those businesses. His hobbies have always included the great outdoors with hunting, fishing, scuba diving and oil painting to name a few.



When my friends Jerry and Nadejda Johnson asked me to help with the NAOSEF website and explained in detail what needed to be done and why, I could clearly see the need. My spirit has been renewed, and I am proud to be a part of this worth while cause. 

Hi, my name is Andrew, I live in Tallinn, I can relate to the victims of ATV accidents, that are bond to a wheel chair for life. At the age of 18 I started to drive. I was young, strong and powerful. I never thought I would be in a crash. Because I did not use my safety gear (seat belts) at the age of 19 I was forever bond to a wheel chair. My whole body is paralized. I can use only my hands, and of course my mind. I often think, if I cound do it over, I would use my seat belt. The world, that most of you enjoy, is forever closed for me.

I am now 46 years old, and I can not do anything for myself. Thanks to my loving parents for the care they give me each day. 

Jerry and Nadejda Johnson - the inventors and designers of the Pro-Tec ATV Safety System, has only one goal in mind: save lives and serious injurey relating to ATV accidents. 

Nadejda Johnson and I speak the same language. I can tell you, if you could hear her speak as I do, you would surely know the commitment she has for NAOSEF.

I have viewed the crash test DVD along with other Pro-Tec DVDs many times. The system, that Jerry and Nadejda has designed, is very simple and very effective.

How many just like me, would give anything just to walk again? How many parents would give all they have just to hold theire child again?

As I said in the begining, my spirit is renewed, and like Jerry and Nadejda, I am commited to this project, I am honerd to serve as webmaster. May God bless the efforts of us all!

Thank You,