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The Facts About Tragedy Of Epidemic Proportion

1. Every year tens of thousands of kids are severely injured or even killed in ATV accidents, some
    at a very young age.
2. ATV riding has the highest risk of hospitalization of 33 sports and recreational activities, in
    which children routinely participate, including riding a bike, skateboarding, basketball and
3. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons considers the use of ATVs by children under
    16 to be a "significant public health risk".
4. Injures to children from ATV accidents cost society over 2 billion annually in medical and
    economic costs and emotional trauma.
5. The American Academy of Pediatrics describes child ATV use as a "Perfect recipe for
6. Over the past decade the number of children killed in off-road vehicle accidents increased by
7. Unfortunately, the number of deaths caused by ATV accidents encreased by 24% between
    2000 and 2004.
8. In 2004 a young child was admitted to a hospital every two and a half hours for ATV-related