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                                          THE STORY

     Hi, My name is Jerry Johnson, over the past 45 years I have been a small business entrepreneur.  In 2007 I decided to become a distributor of ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles).

     Shortly after receiving my first shipment of ATVs, I was asked if I knew the danger of ATVs. I did not have a clue, just like most folks when buying their first ATV.

     As I began to ask questions about the danger of ATVs, I was shocked to learn the death toll, and serious injures related to ATV accidents.

     My search to learn more led me to a website called “CONCERNED FAMILIES FOR ATV SAFETY". Over the next few days I read the heart breaking stories of all the presious children, that was killed while riding an ATV. This was a wake up call for me.

     My wife Nadya and I was determined to do something about this tragedy of epidemic proportion. The PRO-TEC ATV SAFETY SYSTEM was born - the missing link.

     After spending countless hours checking out the ATV laws, state by state again we were shocked by the lack of useful information and laws to protect the general public. It is imperative that the gereral public is armed with the knowledge and all resources related to ATV safety.

     NAOSEF (NORTH AMERICAN OUTDOOR SAFETY EDUCATION FOUNDATION) was the second missing link. NAOSEF will provide hands on training by professional staff. This will be done on a national level by using the school system and other sources, for preplaned events. Education and the right protective gear is a must, or the children, mothers and fathers will continual to be killed. Please visit the website “CONCERNED FAMILIES FOR ATV SAFETY", and “ATV SAFETY.GOV”. We can live to ride another day.